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Control your hair's volume in no time at all.
Control your hair's volume in no time at all.

Men: how to tame thick hair?

Gentlemen, if the volume of your hair is making life difficult, you've come to the right place. Here is our advice on getting your thick hair under control. Pay close attention!

If your hair excessively thick? Don't' worry, it's not a lost cause. You can do a few simple things to control your volume to stop you from pulling your hair out!

Choose a suitable cut

You should be feeling delighted as thanks to your hair's volume, you can try out all kinds of different haircuts. From short to mid-length cuts, you have a wide range of choice. The only imperative is that you go for a structured cut to balance out the volume. Finally, every month, consider visiting the barber's to thin out your hair and restore the shape of your haircut.

Pamper your hair with the right products

To facilitate styling, choose shampoos and conditioners specifically targeted to your hair's needs. In fact, your hair's density does not determine its nature. It could be thick and dry or thick and curly. A small tip: always rinse your hair in cold water to smooth down the cuticles to minimise volume.

Avoid extreme temperatures

If you use a hairdryer, consider lowering the temperature of your appliance. In any case, besides damaging the hair, overly high temperatures tend to make your hair go fluffy.

Control the volume with styling products

You can't beat styling products for styling your thick hair and giving it hold. However, be careful about which ones you choose. Say goodbye to using mousses which boost volume and go for waxes or styling creams instead.


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