Looking after my highlights

At Jean Louis David, we prefer to speak of ‘Contrast’. This is making certain parts of the hair lighter to obtain a bright and customized contrast appropriate for the hairstyle. The advantage of this technique is that it doesn’t affect the roots. But it still requires maintenance.
Highlighting is a permanent colour change, even if it only consists of a partial colour change. You must therefore care for it at home and regularly visit your hairdresser. “For highlighting, a visit to the salon is necessary every three or four months, while other colourings ideally require a visit every month, so it’s less of a constraint.” Contrary to classic colourings, there is no need to regularly redo the roots as the strands blend naturally into the rest of the hair. “But if you really cannot wait, we can offer to do a touch up with a lightening cream, a solution which will keep you going until your next appointment!”
At home, take care of your highlights as you would with coloured hair. “Use hydrating products to deeply nourish the lightened hair. Alternatively, use care products designed for coloured hair, such as shampoo and masks, to allow the colour to remain as long as possible.” However, you should pick products for blonde hair rather than for coloured hair. Your hair will remain luminous, shiny and intensely nourished.
Our tip: For those of you who are looking for an even lighter effect – less golden and whiter – you can now and again, use a shampoo for white hair or an anti-yellowing product. These products remove the sheen from your hair, making it clearer and brighter. Use these no more than once every fortnight.

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