Looking after blonde hair

Blonde hair has been a symbol of ultra-sensuality since the dawn of time. In order to preserve this asset, it’s important to know how to bring out its best qualities and look after it properly every day. Learn everything about its special characteristics in order to know how to take the best care of it.
Blonde hair has several special features. Most importantly, it magnifies the effects of everything it comes across. ‘For example, chlorine and the sun have an effect on the nature and colour of blonde hair. It tends to be finer and more fragile than other hair types. It is therefore more sensitive than brown or red hair and more strongly affected by outside aggressions’.
Blonde hair is not especially dry, but it does require hydrating treatments. Indeed as soon as blonde hair reaches shoulder level, the ends suffer from rubbing and are therefore more likely to thin quickly. ‘The ends therefore need to be treated to avoid this worn-down effect’.
As for colour, even if the hair is naturally blonde, it will need treatments in order to keep it looking bright. Use products designed especially for blonde hair along with hydrating and illuminating shampoos and masks. ‘Some products can also help to remove any yellow tint from the hair, leaving the colour looking revived’.
If you want to colour your blonde hair at home, avoid ash colours, as the results are often a case of pot luck! ‘Warm or golden shades are best for testing out at home because they can easily be corrected in the salon. But if you want to go for an ash colour, go straight to a professional; you can never be sure of how it will turn out when doing it yourself and it can be very difficult to put right’.
To lighten your hair or to add a golden sheen, lightening sprays are a good option – as long as you know how to use them! Spray evenly across the hair so that you don’t end up with some sections lighter than others.
Our tip: Chamomile can be very effective, but only when used in combination with other ingredients. On its own, chamomile doesn’t have the strength to lighten a whole head of hair!

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