Look after your hair without having to cut it

You don’t necessarily have to get your hair cut to keep it looking healthy. If you take care of it every day, there is no need to go to your hairdresser’s every 2 weeks! To do this, you need to know how to recreate salon effects at home.
Your hair needs your full attention everyday. People who use a hair mask only once a month or use straighteners on damp hair need to be re-taught some hair care basics! “Your hair needs to be looked after every day. We’re not saying you should spend an hour a day on your hair, but just bear in mind those small details that make all the difference.”
The first thing: choose products that are suitable for your hair. To be able to choose the right hair products, you need to know your hair type. “This is fundamental. If you don’t use the right products, your hair will be lacking something. Dry hair needs hydrating products, fine hair needs volumising treatments, coloured hair needs products that are specially designed for this hair type, and so on. These are the basics.” Then, we recommend you apply a hair mask each time you wash your hair, as its effects only last one wash.
If you have mid to long hair, pay special attention to your mid-lengths and ends. Once it starts to reach your shoulders, your hair rubbing against your clothes, as well as external aggressions, will damage it. “So give them lots of TLC by using masks and hydrating leave-in products. Over time your ends tend to get worn out, so it is important that you keep them deeply nourished to stop them drying out and splitting.”
Be careful not to damage your hair, especially when styling it. “Don’t pull too hard when brushing your hair, don’t apply the hair dryer directly to your hair, don’t take too long with your straighteners or go over the same piece of hair 50 times… Bearing these things in mind will stop your hair from splitting too soon and becoming dull or coarse.”
Our tip: Many of us use hair grips to keep our favourite styles in place. The ends of these grips have tips on them. You should stop using a hair grip as soon as one of these tips falls off to avoid damaging or breaking your hair.

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