Keratin is good for your hair!

We are witnessing a boom in keratin-based shampoos, masks, straightening and treatments. Keratin is everywhere and boasts numerous beneficial qualities. But do you really know what keratin can do for your hair? Find out now with our experts.
Keratin is a basic element of the hair, one of its natural components. “It is a protein that structures the hair and gives it its shape. Keratin is the reason we have straight or curly hair.”
Its success began around four years ago in Brazil with the arrival of Brazilian straightening, which uses keratin as one of its main components. “Formalin was added to the keratin to create this long-lasting straightening effect by penetrating this product into the hair’s fibre. In France we avoid using this product… Formalin is a chemical component which, after a while, can damage the hair.” Today, keratin-based straightening treatments do still exist, but the added components tend to contain fewer chemicals.
Since then, keratin has been used in a number of other hair products – shampoos, masks, serums… Keratin is everywhere and provides fabulous results! “It makes hair shinier and gives it more body and thickness, making it much easier to style.”
At Jean Louis David we don’t necessarily recommend using keratin-based shampoos. “While they may contain softening and caring agents, the result is relative. When it comes to keratin it’s best to opt for hair treatments, which are more effective. To rid the hair of all its impurities, simply use a pH-balanced shampoo. This opens the cuticles to prepare the hair for the treatment.”
Our tip: We recommend using step-by-step treatments. Such treatments will allow the keratin to really penetrate the hair and to stay there!

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Head of training in Paris

Vanessa Giani