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I’ve tested Moisture and Lightness shampoo
I’ve tested Moisture and Lightness shampoo

I’ve tested Moisture and Lightness shampoo

“I’ve always wanted my hair to feel lighter. Instead, due to its thickness, it tends to look on the heavy side, making it difficult to style on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to Moisture and Lightness shampoo from the Oil Therapy range, my style always looks on top form.
When using this shampoo regularly, the hair’s fibers are restored immediately. My hair is so much easier to style, looks radiant and has an amazing shine. I first start by shampooing, then applying the mask, and sometimes the intensive oil. Finally, my hair is healthier and every day is now a good hair day! I forgot to mention how delicious the fragrance of this product is. Its argan oil formula has added jojoba and date palm extract, leaving my hair with a divine fruity smell.
The recommended application method for the Oil Therapy range is unique. Rather than using these products as you normally would by shampooing first, then applying a mask and spray afterwards, take our word for it and try out the Jean Louis David application tips. Start by applying your shampoo as normal, then rinse. Smooth the mask throughout your lengths, then leave for a couple of minutes to work its magic. Before rinsing, apply the spray on top of the mask and comb through to evenly distribute. This technique left my hair looking and feeling more radiant than ever before. For best results, always remember to follow up your Moisture and Lightness shampoo with the other products from the Oil Therapy range. Since using the collection, I’m never going back to my former ways of styling!”
© Jean Louis David

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