I’m a redhead... should I be using products designed for red hair?

Not sure how to look after your red locks? Our pros reveal their top tips for keeping your hair looking radiant and in top condition.
Red hair doesn’t necessarily need products that are specifically designed for your shade. ‘This is a myth. You should be thinking more about its texture and type; is your hair thin, thick, curly, frizzy dry or greasy? Nevertheless, red hair does have one trait that it’s unique; it is less prepared to cope with UV rays than other hair shades, meaning you’ll need to use more protection, especially in summer. Try using Protection and Nutrition Spray from the Sun Therapy range’.
Want to liven up your red hair? Simply make an appointment with your stylist. ‘There are products which can boost the red pigments in your hair and enhance your shade. The ideal solution is a Gloss Treatment; this technique is unique to Jean Louis David salons. Its tone-on-tone effect is non-oxidizing and gradually washes out over time. This will instantly lift your shade and add shine to your hairstyle’.
Our advice: If you’re looking to radically change your color, you need to respect your natural base shade. Try to stay within the same color range for natural results. For example, light red hair can easily make the transition to blonde, whilst auburn hues can go darker red no problem. Another idea is to try out Sunlight which will lighten up a specific area of your style instead of going for a drastic change.
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