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How to stop colour stains
How to stop colour stains

How to stop colour stains

When colouring your hair at home, some things don’t always go according to plan! Sometimes you end up colouring your skin at the same time… No need to panic, we tell you how to avoid stains and get rid of the ones that are already there.
When you colour your hair, oxidation takes place. The product colours your hair. But that’s not all. If it’s not applied correctly, it can also colour your scalp and even the edges of your face. “At home you tend to do your colour on your own and don’t always have the same technique as a professional. A simple lack of practice could result in you dyeing your scalp and your skin. Listen carefully as 90% of stains can be removed during the colouring process!”
Before colouring your hair, start by taking a few precautions. “Use a rich, even oily, moisturising cream. Apply it around your face at the hairline. Don’t forget to apply some on and behind your ears.” Another product you can use is gel. This styling product is also a great means of protection.
If the stain is already there, there are a few ways to make it disappear. The simplest solution involves taking a piece of hair soaked in product and rubbing the stain with it. But not too hard, it is an oxidizer after all! Rub gently to avoid redness. Most of the stains should now have disappeared.
If your scalp is stained, you’ll need to use a technique called emulsion. “Before rinsing your scalp, add a few drops of water and continue as if you were washing your hair, with your head upside down. This is when it’ll be easiest to get rid of the colour. This stage also makes your hair shinier.” Feel free to add water to emulsify even more! For optimum results, emulsify for 3 to 4 minutes.
Our tip: If, after this, stains still remain, visit your hairdresser who will use stronger, professional cleansing wipes. Otherwise, be patient. Only time will overcome your stains!
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