How to lift your roots

Lifting the roots of your hair will give it more volume. Here are some tips to help you learn how to masters your roots and create full-bodied hairstyles that last!
Your roots grow naturally in a way that you can’t change. Usually flat. Which means no volume at the roots. Another reason why your roots are flat is to do with your hair type. “If it is limp or heavy, it’s impossible to get rid of flat hair… The most difficult thing is lifting the roots of heavy hair and making it last. It’s a lot easier to give fine hair volume.”
To lift the roots, you need to give them shape and then lift them. But for a lasting result, you’ll need styling products. “It’s simply about creating the foundations of your hairstyle! And to make sure they last, you need to give them a helping hand.” For our Jean Louis David professionals, the best product for lifting the roots is styling mousse, used on wet hair. To apply, pour a small amount of styling mousse into your hand, run your comb through the mousse then use it to style your hair. That way, the product gets to where it needs to be. Another option is fixing spray (also applied to wet hair). Spray this product at the roots to adapt your hairstyle.
Now you’ve got the right products, you need to learn the right techniques. “To lift your roots, take your hair in the opposite direction of growth. Hold a section of hair in your hand then place your brush or comb at the roots, like a roller, pass the section over to the other side and dry. “Curlers are also really useful. Use them in dry hair, spray hairspray at the roots and heat!
Our tip: If your hair is really limp, try gently backcombing your hair. To do this, take your hair, hold it up in the air then use a comb to bring the hair back towards the roots.
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