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How to get corkscrew curls
How to get corkscrew curls

How to get corkscrew curls

As we all know, there is more to life than wavy hair. Follow our instructions on how to get cute corkscrew curls. With a bit of dexterity and the right equipment, those curls will be with you in no time!
To get well-defined corkscrew curls, the most important thing is to use the right equipment and be informed of useful professional techniques. First of all, you will need thin, round curling tongs. “The thinner they are, the narrower and tighter the curls will be. This needs to be done on dry hair. So, start by drying your hair thoroughly with your hair dryer to reduce the time spent using the tongs. Then, roll your hair around the curling tongs section by section. This is a delicate job which takes time!” Feel free to get a friend to help you do the back of your hair to get it looking nice and even.
Another option is foam rollers. Forget paper foils, these foam pieces that you used when you were a little girl can be twisted and turned to give you the style you want. Again, go for thin diameters. “This time, wrap the hair around the rollers section by section when your hair is wet. Tie the roller to secure. Leave your hair to dry naturally or use a hair dryer to speed things up. Mist your hair with a fixing product to ensure it stays in, then unravel your hair.”
Styling products are great for giving your style an extra boost, helping to structure the curls and coat the hair to keep the style in place. “These products are essential, especially for straight hair which often has trouble holding onto the curls.” Go for styling mousses which maintain the hair and are applied to wet hair. Warm the product up in your hands before applying. You can then style and shape your hair however you want and ensure your style lasts. “Always finish with a layer of hairspray to set your style.”

Our tip: To achieve tight curls which err more on the side of waves, there is also the three barrel iron. This crafty “trident” is great for creating ultra-trendy, retro styles.

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