How often should I change my hairbrush?

We’re betting you’ve owned your current hairbrush for at least a couple of years, right? However, it’s probably about time to invest in a newer model. Luckily, the pros are here to help you choose! So, are you ready to find your next hairbrush?
Your hairbrush can actually wear out! ‘Take a look at the ends of each point and the mass of hair that has built up around the base. Some of the protective end pieces may have fallen off due to over-use. Similarly, the base can sink inwards, meaning your brushing technique is much less effective’.
You can make your hairbrushes last longer by taking good care of them. ‘Cleaning your hairbrush with shampoo isn’t as stupid as it may sound, believe it or not, as this will keep your brush nice and clean, making it last longer. If you have time, try to remove any hair build up on a daily basis’.
When choosing your new hairbrush, make sure you try it out first. ‘Unfortunately, there’s no right answer, and you’ll need to test a few different types to find the one that’s best for your individual hair. For advice, ask your stylist which brush they would recommend and inform them how you will be using your brush. Some women use their hairbrush to straighten whilst other to maintain curl’.
There are several different brush types on the market. ‘Some, which are made of metal or ceramic, allow you to heat the hair from the inside whilst blow-drying; great if you rush around in the mornings. Others can be made from a bristle type of fibre which takes longer to style. Round brushes tend to produce the most natural-looking results’.
Our advice: We recommend owing at least two brushes. One should be used to comb through your hair before going to bed each night, whilst the other should be for styling each morning’.
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