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Things you can do to get your hair back in its best condition
Things you can do to get your hair back in its best condition
Things you can do to get your hair back in its best condition
Damaged hair

How can you repair sun-damaged hair?


You should always take care of your hair to protect it from the sun and to prevent it from getting damaged. However, if the damage is already done, here is a regime you can adopt to repair your locks.

A keratin treatment

Heavy exposure to UV rays destroys the natural keratin in your hair, making it dull and prone to breakage. To offset these negative effects, opt for salon treatments high in keratin such as Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy treatment, as well as the shampoo and mask duo from the Keratin Therapy use-at-home range. This treatment is unbeatable when it comes to repairing the hair fibre and deeply restructuring your locks after overexposure to the sun.

Get your split ends cut off

The tips of your hair are the oldest part and therefore the most vulnerable. As a result, they are the first to get damaged by UV rays. When the ends fork, forming split ends, even keratin cannot fill in the gaps. The only option for dealing with your tips: get the split ends cut off! This minor chop at the hairdressers is enough to get the ends of your hair in good condition again.

A specialised treatment for restoring your hair colour

Is your colour dull-looking? UV is again at fault. By damaging the structure of your hair, it prevents the pigments from properly attaching onto the hair fibre. To boost your hair's colour when it has been lightened in the sun, use booster treatments which will give your hair a new lease of life by reviving its pigments. Plus, if your blond has gone yellow or your light brown hair turned red, use a purple shampoo to neutralise these undesirable highlights and get your colour back.

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