How can you relax curly hair?

Maybe you love your curls, but find that they have a life of their own? To control your curly locks without straightening, here is how to relax them like a pro.

An array of targeted treatments for home use

The better the hair fibre is hydrated, the more relaxed and supple it becomes. That’s why a regime of nourishing treatments can work wonders on unruly curls, which by nature very dry. So opt for an intensive regime with a regenerating shampoo and mask duo, complemented by regular oil soaks. In addition, don’t forget to apply a leave-in hydrating treatment to your locks every day. The two work together to add intense nutrition to the hair fibre, relaxing it day by day. If you have very tight curls you can also switch between regenerating and smoothing treatments such as those from Jean Louis David’s Liss Therapy range. Although they may not impeccably straighten your locks, they will definitely relax your curls!

A salon service for relaxing curls

To calm down the most unruly of curls and to show off beautiful relaxed waves for longer, ask your hairdresser for a chemical relaxing treatment such as Jean Louis David’s Relax service. This technique, which is gentler than salon straightening treatments, consists of applying a product to your hair which temporarily modifies its structure. Your curls are then relaxed by being shaped with rollers one by one. This technique allows you to show off loose, relaxed curls for six to eight weeks.