[Instahair] Curly hair: 3 Instagram accounts to follow for hairstyling ideas

Are you lacking in inspiration for styling your frizzy, curly or wavy hair? Take a closer look at these three accounts which you should add to your Instagram news feed!

1. @Sigourneyk for everyday hairstyles

With her mid-length blond locks with copper nuances, Sigourney K is a living advert for curly hair! Not to mention her smile which immediately puts you in a good mood. One of her main assets? Big hair which she fully embraces. Another reason to subscribe to her account: she constantly adapts her hairstyles to change her look. The top styles we fell in love with: her ultra-natural blow-dried effects, her cornrows (very simple to create ) or her top knots. A great account to follow for simple hairstyles which are easy to recreate!

Our tip: to get curls which are as well sculpted as hers, try out Perfect Curls. It tames frizz and enhances waves.

2. @hairromance for sophisticated looks

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