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How can I have beautifully straight hair?
How can I have beautifully straight hair?
How can I have beautifully straight hair?
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Relax: the exclusive JLD treatment for soft and relaxed hair long term


Fed up of using your straighteners every day? Discover Relax, an exclusive Jean Louis David treatment which straightens your hair for several weeks. Which technique does it use? Who is it for? Our expert takes a closer look.

Which technique is used for this shaping treatment?

"We use a technique which doesn't require a heat source. It allows you to temporarily modify the hair's structure... the aim being to relax the hair fibre. To achieve this, the hairdresser applies the relaxing product strand by strand, selecting relatively thick sections. They then comb the hair to smooth out the hair fibre and to make sure the product deeply penetrates. Following this, the product is left to soak in for a few minutes, before being thoroughly rinsed out in clean water. Once completed, the process will keep your hair looking soft and smooth."

"Take note, Relax isn't a standard straightening or Brazilian straightening treatment."

Aurea Sanchez-Coletto

Who is Relax for?

"This technique is specifically suited to supple, wavy or easy to control hair. It is not recommended if your hair is very curly or frizzy. Finally, we won't carry out this treatment on sensitive or extremely fine hair. For curly hair, we suggest you try Relax Curls. In this particular case, your hairdresser will work with rollers to make your hair softer. As a result, your curls will be relaxed for a highly on trend wavy effect ."

What is the final result of this straightening technique?

"Once you have tried the Relax treatment, your hair will be soft, silky and easy to manage. Your locks will be supple and their volume will be preserved. Furthermore, styling and detangling will be facilitated. As for frizz, it will be completely eliminated! This impeccable result lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. The best treatment for professional women with busy schedules! However, this period varies depending on your hair type. Finally, use this technique two to three times a year maximum to preserve your hair's vitality."

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Aurea Sanchez-Coletto - trainer in Paris
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Aurea Sanchez-Coletto - trainer in Paris
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