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Find out how to go from blonde to brunette flawlessly
Find out how to go from blonde to brunette flawlessly

Going from blonde to brunette with a natural result

Perhaps you have blonde hair but have always dreamt of being a brunette? Well, it can be done. Here are the key stages so you can go to the dark side with natural results.

Although your blonde hair makes people green with envy, you have only one thought in mind: to swap your angelic highlights for a fiery shade of brown. A hair transformation you should not take lightly. Especially if you wish to achieve a natural colour. For optimal results, it is best to enlist a professional for the hair colouring.

Step 1: Choose the right shade

There are several shades of dark hair colouring treatments. You should know that the result will look a lot more natural if you choose a shade relatively close to your hair colour. So say goodbye to ebony brown, which is too intense for a natural blonde. However, chocolate and caramel shades are perfectly suitable. Are you finding it difficult to decide? It is pointless tearing your hair out: your hairdresser will know how to advise you on all of the best options you have available to you.

Step 2: The pre-colouring phase

Going from blonde to brunette doesn't just happen instantly. Prepare to be in the salon for a good few hours. As your hair is so fair, it must go through a pre-colouring stage. This technique allows your base to be sufficiently darkened to obtain the desired colour, and also prepares your hair. The colour will be applied just after this stage and will last much longer as a result.

Step 3: Upkeep

To preserve your brown hair's beautiful highlights, you simply need to use products targeted to coloured hair. Shampoos, conditioners, masks... Your new hair regime will help the colour hold in your fair hair. Besides that, plan to get touch-ups done on your colour every 4 to 6 weeks. If you do not do this, your blonde roots will start to clash with your brown locks.


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