Food for healthy hair

Ever heard the phrase “a sound mind in a healthy body”? Well it’s also true that “a healthy mind needs a healthy body”! Your hair is a reflection of your body’s general condition. All you need to do is keep fit and eat healthily. Here are some foods that will do your hair the world of good!
To keep your hair looking healthy, you need to make sure it gets all the oxygen it needs through protein, that it has all the vitamins and iron it needs for cell renewal and that it isn’t poisoned with saturated fats.
“Protein is one of the most essential food components when it comes to healthy hair. Protein aids in cell formation and keratin synthesis.” Protein is found in foods such as red meat, tuna, chicken, lentils, soya and hard cheeses.
Vitamins are also very important, especially vitamin B. Vitamin B helps to oxygenate your hair to promote hair growth and helps to regulate sebum production to stop your hair looking greasy. “To improve hair growth, eat lots of tuna, cereal, turkey, chicken and mushrooms. If you want to reduce sebum production, opt for eggs, chicken and mushrooms.”
When you start experiencing hair loss, the first thing your doctor does is take a blood sample in order to check your iron levels. “This is because hair deterioration is often caused by iron deficiency. So make sure you eat lots of seafood, especially mussels, shellfish and oysters.”
Finally, watch your consumption of saturated fats. Fast food, charcuterie, pastry and alcohol are neither good for your figure nor your health. “These fats restrict blood circulation leaving your scalp starved of oxygen, which will leave it looking dull and lifeless.”

Our tip: It’s not just food that can contribute to your hair’s health. Drinking green tea will also help your hair grow and encourage blood circulation.

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