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Essential styling products for men
Essential styling products for men

Essential styling products for men

Lots of men decide to wear their hair short, but this doesn’t mean they can leave it to its own devices! A short style often needs more taking care of than longer styles to make sure each hair is in the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the best men’s styling products.
Styling gel. Whereas women prefer using gel to make the ends of their hair shine, men can use gel all over their hair to create a rigid style. Whether you use it to slick back hair or create spikes, gel is the perfect product to make sure your style stays in place all day long. The Jean Louis David Fiber Gel is very popular with guys who like to create neat, perfect styles.
Texturising powder. Try using a texturising powder to add texture and body to flat, lifeless hair. You can create either a matte or dishevelled look, depending on your style. Avoid applying this directly to your roots however, and use a sparing amount so as not to overload the hair with product. It’s totally up to you whether you go for a destructured hairstyle or a perfectly coiffed one. Jean Louis David has created the style perfecting Texture Powder to help you create your look.
Styling wax. Styling wax is possibly the most versatile product out of the three. It can be used to create texture, make hair shine and even give hair body. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a product that doesn’t have the ‘frozen’ effect that can be created with gels for example. Similar to texturising powder, the Jean Louis David Shine Wax should be used minimally on hair, staying away from the roots to avoid the appearance of hair.
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