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Dreadlocks: from runway to reality
Dreadlocks: from runway to reality
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Dreadlocks: from runway to reality

We never thought we’d hear the name Chanel and the word ‘dreadlocks’ in the same sentence, however Karl Lagerfeld has surprised us once again! For his autumn-winter 2014-2015 collection, the artistic director of French fashion house Chanel decided to send dreadlocks down the runway. Hair was wrapped tightly around woollen fibres to create a distinctly grungy effect. So, should you be trying out this new trend, or instead leave it to the models? Let’s find out.
Dreadlocks spotted on the runway. The Chanel catwalk this season wasn’t your average runway; a supermarket setup was created especially for the show. Models strutted their stuff down the runway whilst doing their grocery shopping, all accessorised with the classic Chanel logo from head to foot. What’s new here, you ask? Each model was styled with a grunge-esque hairstyle, incorporating dreadlocks. Thanks to the threads of wool that each section of hair was ravelled into, this effect resembled dreadlocks. The fashion world certainly didn’t see this trend coming from one of the most prestigious haute-couturiers in Paris!
How to wear dreadlocks off the runway. Unlike many unrealistic runway hairstyles, you can fully recreate this one. Although this look may seem very edgy, it retains a certain element of class and sophistication. Here, the dreadlocks were colorful and toned with the models’ outfits. It may be difficult to perfectly match your dreadlocks to your ensemble every day, however you can mix and match, depending on your desired look. Dreadlocks are also a great way of adding an original touch to a simple hairstyle and create a more relaxed vibe.
Get the catwalk look. Get the Chanel runway look by starting with a centre parting, then gathering all of your hair into a fairly high ponytail, securing with a large hair tie. After creating your ponytail, create your haphazard dreadlock effect by wrapping sections of wool and different colored threads around small sections of your lengths. If you want to create a statement look, try backcombing and crimping a few pieces to add volume. You should be aiming for a very individual result.
© Getty Images © Jean Louis David
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