Do I need to prepare my hair for summer?

Summer is fast approaching… the perfect occasion to find out what you should do during this season to keep your hair looking shiny and full of health. Our expert takes a closer look.

Does this season require me to pay particular attention to my hair?

“No, if your hair is correctly maintained according to the nature of it , then it’s ready for summer! In fact, keeping your hair healthy requires targeted treatments. During the summer season, you can use nourishing products. The must-have treatment? Those from the Oil Therapy range , which are remarkable for hydrating, nourishing and protecting: just what your hair needs.”

Should I stop colouring my hair?

“Quite the opposite! There is no risk. If you have got a colour put in just before summer, it will be enhanced by the effects of the sun. Furthermore, it will hold for longer, despite all the swimming and repetitive shampooing. However, so as not to sensitise the hair fibre, get your hair coloured 15 days before you go on holiday. Then maintain it with treatments from the Color Therapy range . By doing this, you will prolong your hair’s radiant shine for weeks.”

Should I change my hair regime?

“Continue using your regular treatments. On holiday, there is one main way to avoid getting the ‘straw effect’: preserve your hair’s health by applying Sun Therapy Multi-Purpose Leave-In Gel to your lengths. Apply plenty of it before and after each swim, but also when you expose your hair to the sun. This product, from the Sun Therapy range, is enriched in UV filters for maximum protection. Furthermore, its sweet smelling holiday fragrance risks making you addicted!”

Our advice

Dry hair is even more fragile in summer. If this concerns you, hydrate it daily to maintain its vitality. Finally, get the damaged or sensitised ends of your hair trimmed before you go off on your holidays. This will prevent its condition from getting any worse.

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