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Prepare your hair for the arrival of spring
Prepare your hair for the arrival of spring
Prepare your hair for the arrival of spring
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Detox 2017: prepare your hair for the arrival of spring


Stress, too little sleep, a lack of sunshine, an excessively rich diet... Several factors can explain why your hair is lacking in shine and why it is so quick to go greasy. Whatever the cause, it is about time you treated your locks to a detox.

Zero in on foods that are good for you...

To start your hair detox, your aim should be to zero in on foods which are rich in vitamins, trace elements and proteins. Examples are almonds for their antioxidant benefits, strawberries to boost hair growth and dairy products which are said to reduce hair loss. Now you have all the ingredients for the perfect smoothie to give your hair a boost.

...And your hair

Still on the subject of food, what do honey, coconut oil and white vinegar all have in common? Applied to your locks, these natural ingredients can work miracles . Honey is rich in nutrients, and can repair the superficial layers of the epidermis. Coconut oil helps prevent breakage and protects the hair fibre, making it softer. As for white vinegar, it cleanses the scalp and regulates excess sebum. However, it is no use spreading it out on your locks, opt for shampoos and masks which contain it instead. These products are just as effective and are much easier to rinse out!

Treat a specific area

For effective results, the application of a treatment must be as targeted as the product itself. For hair which is quick to turn greasy, treat the problem at the roots. However, if your hair is dry, apply a mask to the mid-lengths and the tips.

Let your hair breathe

Have you heard of the no-poo/low-poo phenomenon ?
This American trend consists of reducing or cutting out the use of shampoo (considered to be too chemical) while you detoxify your hair. Although rather extreme and difficult to put into practice, this trend is a good thing in that it highlights certain excesses in our haircare regimes. Besides repetitive blow-drying or hair colouring which can weaken the hair fibre, regular use of styling products can smother your locks. Similarly, putting your hair up every day can hinder its growth. Take advantage of this detox to seek out alternative styles.

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