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Bien choisir son fer à boucler
Bien choisir son fer à boucler
Bien choisir son fer à boucler

Choosing the right curling tongs

To get gorgeous curls you’re going to need the right equipment. If you don’t have naturally wavy or curly hair, it’s a bit difficult to go from straight to curly without a little technological assistance! So invest in a pair of curling tongs.  Here are some things to think about when choosing them.
Before using a pair of curling tongs on your hair, make sure you choose the right material. The quality of the material your curling tongs are made from will have an effect on the result as well as on how healthy and shiny your hair looks. “Always go for curling tongs with ceramic plates. These will cause less damage to the hair and will heat up your hair less than other materials. However, always apply a heat protector spray to protect your hair from the heat.”
You also need to make sure you choose curling tongs with the right temperature. For starters, the heat must be variable. “Even though curling tongs with variable heat settings cost a few extra pounds, it’s definitely worth it! Curling tongs which work at a constant temperature will damage your hair. There is no need to heat your hair to the max all the time.” For example, when going over a section for the second time to boost a curl, the tongs don’t need to be too hot. Temperatures on curling tongs tend to be between 160 and 230 degrees. “If you have thick hair you can turn it up to 230, but otherwise 160 is enough.” The variable heat setting lets you choose the temperature you need.
As for the size of your curling tongs, this depends on the result you’re after. “The smaller and thinner the tongs are, the tighter the curls will be. Go for wider tongs if you want pretty waves.” Think about the look you want before you buy, that way you won’t be disappointed. On some curling tongs you can change the diameter, but most of them just produce one curl size.
Our tip: If you can, avoid using your curling tongs every day, especially if you have fine or sensitive hair. The best case scenario is to restrict their usage to one a week.
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