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Choosing the blonde hair for you
Choosing the blonde hair for you

Choosing the blonde hair for you

Say goodbye to block blonde hair! These days we are reverting back to diversity and volume with golden and warm blondes. But with all the blondes to choose from, which one is the best for you? Our expert is here to help.
Colour is chosen based on several factors. Your skin and eye colour are considered first, but also your natural hair colour. These will allow your hairstylist to decide whether or not he or she can help you easily transition into a blonde. “It’s obvious that turning a brunette into a blonde requires more work than someone who already has fair hair. However, it’s still possible as long as she’s not going for the platinum blonde look! You just need to regularly touch up your roots and choose the right at-home care products”
For those with medium and fair base colours, it’s possible to make any colour work with any skin tone. “There’s not really any one colour that works with fair skin and another that works with darker skin. Here at Jean Louis David, we take the time to discuss it with our clients and decide what’s going to work best with their skin tone and personal style. For light skin, you can go super blonde to brighten everything up, but you can just as well go for a darker blonde to contrast your porcelain look.  Everything goes!”
The techniques used at Jean Louis David are so diverse that even the most nuanced look can be achieved. Great news for you! Therefore, there’s no predetermined look for light skin on the one hand and darker skin on the other. Whether you’re dreaming of honey blonde, dirty blonde, ash blonde or even platinum blonde, don’t let your skin tone get in the way!
Our tip: at Jean Louis David, our stylists encourage brunettes to try milder techniques that cause less damage and that look better in the long run. “Your base colour will be lightened, and then we can work on creating a depth that will brighten it up without causing damage”.
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