Choosing and using your conditioner

Your conditioner is one of your staple hair products. But do you really know what it’s for and how to use it? To get the most out of it and understand exactly what it can do for your hair, follow our advice!
Conditioner is the basic step that comes after using shampoo in your hair. Even if you come across conditioners that claim to work wonders on your hair, remember that it only has one main function: to untangle your hair. “It also leaves your hair looking shiny, as most conditioners are generally made from silicon. But make sure you check how much it contains! Conditioner that contains too much silicon can weigh down your hair and leave it looking lifeless.”
Do you wonder if conditioners that promise to leave you with straight or curly locks or added volume really do the job? “Always bear in mind that conditioners’ sole purpose is to untangle your hair. They might give it an extra boost if you’re after softer hair for example, but that’s all. It’s a good idea to choose a conditioner that’s made for your hair type, but don’t expect any miracles!” When choosing your conditioner, check to see what it’s made from (not too much silicon), that it’s suitable for your hair type, and that it smells nice. “Conditioners often have a nicer scent than masks, which are more professional.”
Another thing to think about is whether you should be using a conditioner or a mask. “Hair masks are extremely effective when you want to give your hair an intense dose of TLC, but they need to be left on longer than conditioner, which is more convenient for everyday use.” If you want a simple product, go for conditioner, especially if you have naturally healthy hair. “And if your hair is slightly dry, leave your conditioner on longer to optimise its effects. But not too long, otherwise it can end up weighing your hair down.”
Conditioner is the product to go for if you have long hair that tends to get tangled easily. “Concentrate on the mid-lengths and ends when applying to help the untangling process. Apply conditioner each time you wash your hair, after shampooing.” But if you have short, mid-length or fine hair, don’t use too much.
Our tip: Want to use shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask? That’s fine, as long as you don’t use all three every time you wash your hair. Using all three products can be useful if your hair is lacking softness or is difficult to untangle even though you’ve tried using a mask. If this is the case, apply the products in the following order: shampoo, mask and conditioner.

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