Caring for your hair while you sleep... A good idea?

For a long time women have left hair products in overnight to get shinier, softer or healthier hair when they wake up. But is this still essential in order to get dream hair today? Here’s our answer.
Is leaving a hair mask on overnight effective? Our professional stylist says yes. But is this the only solution? “No. A few years ago women slept with their hair soaked in hair masks one to two times a month. They left it in overnight and rinsed it out in the morning. Hair was bouncier, softer and glossier. But today there are so many hair products that can produce the same effect in just 20 minutes that no one really bothers with overnight masks anymore.”
As today’s products penetrate the hair almost straightaway, there is no need to leave them in all night. Masks start to take effect after 20 to 30 minutes! “It’s also quite inconvenient. Your hair is wet all night, wearing your hair in a turban isn’t particularly sexy and rinsing your hair out the next day takes up more time.”
But this beauty routine can be useful for certain types of hair or scalp. “There are special products which work while you sleep, especially products for very flaky scalps. You leave the product on overnight, wash your hair the next morning and the scalp is more regulated.”
For those who want to try out this method, you need to know what hair types it is suitable for: if you have coloured hair which is starting to fade or if your hair is dull or dehydrated. “Apply your mask section by section and comb through to make sure it is distributed evenly throughout your hair. Massage your scalp so that the product penetrates the fibre, and then roll your hair up in a dry towel.” The next morning, wash your hair with a shampoo formulated for your hair type then rinse thoroughly.

Our tip: For gorgeous, healthy hair, use a mask after each wash. Choose a mask suitable for your hair type and the effect you’re after. Apply section by section and distribute evenly throughout your hair. Lather with warm water then rinse thoroughly.

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Vanessa Giani