Caring for your hair after a straightening treatment

Japanese straightening treatments, Brazilian straightening treatments and straightening irons give you straight hair that lasts. To make sure your newly sleek hair stays healthy, don’t forget to care for your hair to keep it straight for longer. Here’s our advice.
Japanese straightening produces an ultra-straight result. It semi-permanently modifies your hair’s structure and needs to be applied very meticulously, section by section. This is how it leaves your hair so straight. “The result generally lasts 3 to 4 months but it gradually wears off. So clients often start using their straighteners after 2 months if they are not completely satisfied with the result.” Your hair may feel quite dry initially, so remember to nourish it with shampoo and hydrating masks.
Brazilian straightening gives you straight but flexible hair. “Again, the hair’s structure is modified to make it look straighter. The method is natural as it is keratin-based. To prolong the treatment’s effects, we recommend caring for your hair with keratin-based shampoos and masks.
Finally, the straighteners you use at home also require you to take good care of your hair. If you use them too excessively, the heat could damage your hair tremendously. “So make sure you choose the right straighteners. They should have ceramic or tourmaline plates, as these are best for your hair. Also make sure you use a thermo-active spray. This will act as a barrier against the heat. “If you find that your hair is still dry, use hydrating treatments.”

Our tip: Whichever straightening solution you go for, avoid washing your hair too often. At Jean Louis David we recommend 1 or 2 washes per week max. This is just enough to keep your hair and scalp healthy. It will also stop your hair drying out from the limestone found in water.

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