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Brazilian straightening: how can I make it last?
Brazilian straightening: how can I make it last?

Brazilian hair straightening: how can I make it last?

Just after getting your hair straightened, your locks are beautiful, soft and shiny... and you really wish they could look like that for weeks! Take a closer look at the best hair regime to prolong the effects of this technique.

What does Brazilian hair straightening consist of?

It's a thermo-active keratin treatment, which straightens your hair in a long lasting way. It holds for around 4 months if you maintain it correctly. Furthermore, Brazilian hair straightening nourishes the hair fibre by deeply restructuring it. Once you have undergone this straightening treatment, there are considerable advantages: your hair is strengthened, soft and soothed. All of your frizz will disappear and your rebellious hair will be tamed. Finally, styling becomes child's play.

How can I maintain it?

Choose specialised shampoo. Above all, opt for a product which doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). This is essential for preserving the effectiveness of your straightening! Although sulphate is a molecule used for lathering in products, it eventually removes the natural keratin from the scalp, as well as the keratin applied during Brazilian straightening. Furthermore, always opt for a product with a mild PH.

Get your hands on treatments enriched in keratin! It's the best way of prolonging the effects of your straightening treatment. The products from the Keratin Therapy range are made for you! By adopting them as part of your hair regime, you will keep your hair strong, smooth and in good health. As a complement to your shampoo, once a week, feel free to apply the Infinite Softness Mask for a moment of intense nutrition.

Protect your hair against damage. Firstly, space out how often you wash your hair. The calcium present in water is one of the sworn enemies of your Brazilian hair straightening. In fact, it dries out your hair making it feel rough and look dull. Furthermore, always wait for a week after Brazilian straightening to colour your hair. Finally, during your summer holidays, rinse your hair in soft water each time after going for a swim (in the sea or pool). You will remove any chlorine or salt which will alter your hair's vitality.


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