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Discover our advice on how to successfully become a brunette.
Discover our advice on how to successfully become a brunette.
Discover our advice on how to successfully become a brunette.
Hair colouring

All there is to know about becoming a brunette


Are you tempted to go for a darker hair colour? Before taking the plunge, discover our expert's advice so colouring your hair brown is no longer a mystery!

Who can colour their hair brown?

"Everyone can become a brunette, whatever their original hair colour. There are just a few precautions to take, notably if your base colour is very light. A correctly applied brown hair colour is above all luminous and long lasting. Therefore, to guarantee beautiful results, always entrust in your hairdresser. They are the only ones who can master this technique and give you a professional and personalised result."

Which shade of brown should I choose according to my base colour?

"There are no restrictions. You can choose all shades of brown, it's just a matter of taste. Opt for iced brown, a dark brown or even black ebony. You can also try out different techniques, such as streaks, highlights, classic colouring or a Gloss treatment. Even blondes can dare to try a very dark brown, which you are bound to be delighted about."

What are the advantages of having brown hair?

"First of all, brown hair colouring does not sensitise the hair as you are not adding pigments. Unlike going blond which requires bleaching, a technique which systematically weakens the hair fibre. That's why you should only go lighter by one to four tones maximum, so as not to alter your hair's vitality."

"Note: even though brown hair colouring does not present any real risks for your hair, once it has been applied, you cannot simply remove it with a snap of the fingers! Take time to carefully think about this change before taking the plunge."

Aurea Sanchez Coletto

How can I successfully maintain my brown hair colouring?

"At home, try out the Color Therapy range to pamper and make your brown hair shiny. To do this, wash your hair with Intense Color Shampoo. After a fortnight, use the brown colour boosters to boost your hair's shine, by adding nuances and lustre. Finally, visit your salon roughly every 5 weeks. To keep your colour looking good, you must regularly carry out touch-ups on your roots."

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