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Be inspired by the 20s, 60s or the rockabilly look for your wedding hairstyle.
Be inspired by the 20s, 60s or the rockabilly look for your wedding hairstyle.

A vintage wedding: 3 bridal styling ideas

Do you want a retro hairstyle for your wedding day? Go for a low 20s style chignon, victory rolls for a rockabilly look, or a sixties style quiff half-ponytail combo!

1. A chignon with a headband for a roaring twenties hairstyle

An essential wedding hairstyle, the chignon is a safe bet in terms of suiting your dress. Do you want a retro look? Fall in love with this romantic version, directly inspired by the 20s.

To create your floaty chignon, it's extremely simple. Start by preparing your hair, backcombing it at the roots. The secret: work strand by strand, applying hairspray each time. To facilitate styling, feel free to plait a strand at the back of your head: you can use this as a marker for where you will tie up your hair. Then, you just need to gather your hair around this plait. To accentuate the floaty effect, leave a few pieces of hair loose to frame your face and curl a few strands to finish off your hairstyle. The finishing touch? A metallic headband: a signature look from the roaring twenties!

2. Victory rolls for a rockabilly style

A real must-have pin-up look, victory rolls are perfect for a retro wedding. The principle? Gather a large strand and wrap it around a roller on top of your head. As for the technique, it's quite simple: start by blow-drying your hair to eliminate frizz. Mark out a distinct side parting and select a strand from the side with most hair (just like with a half-ponytail). Use curling tongs to create a beautiful curl. At this stage, the strand will still be hot from the curling iron. Keep it rolled up and fix it on top of your head, giving it maximum volume. The success of this hairstyle greatly depends on the 3D Elvis style effect created.

Your hair can be gathered into a chignon or left down for a less severe look. If you have decided to leave your hair loose, complete the hairstyle by creating large curls at the tips or down the whole length of your hair: this will add movement to your hairstyle. For the chignon version, curl your strands before gathering them together to create a greater effect.

Out tip: for a guaranteed vintage look, keep the waves distinct and apply hairspray to keep them intact.

3. A quiff half-ponytail combo for a sixties look

Do you wish to show off your locks? Go for a half-ponytail livened up with a quiff. Popularised by Brigitte Bardot, this hairstyle is perfect for showing off a retro look, and it's the height of fashion! For this hairstyle, start by lightly blow-drying your hair: the best way to eliminate frizz. Then, backcomb the strands of the half-ponytail at the roots and underneath: it looks more aesthetic.

For a floatier finish, feel free to leave a few strands loose to frame your face before backcombing. Apply hairspray then form the quiff, by fixing it all using a chignon hairpin. To add movement to your lengths, you can lightly curl the tips and loosen the curls with your fingers.

The next step? Accessorise your hairstyle with some beautiful earrings!


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