A closer look at the Silver Therapy range for enhancing salt and pepper hair

Designed to remove yellow highlights, to hydrate and protect your locks, the Silver Therapy range is aimed at white, blond and grey hair. We take a closer look.

What do the Silver Therapy range’s products promise?

The Silver Therapy range is made up of two products: Energy and Brightness Shampoo and the Bi-Phase Vitality and Light Treatment. Their objective? To neutralise highlights which are making your colour fade. To do this, Jean Louis David has developed an exclusive formula: the Brightness Complex. A three-in- one treatment which provides an anti-pollution shield (with Pronalen Bio Protect), a UV filter and intense hydration due to its Pro-vitamin B5 content. The latter is best for nourishing, repairing and fortifying the hair.

What type of hair is this range designed for?

Whether you have gone for ice blonde, you have succumbed to the grey hair colouring trend or opted for a natural salt and pepper look, the Silver Therapy range is perfect for you! It is ideal for making highlights look less yellow. Whilst blondes should ideally use this range on a monthly basis, those with white or grey hair can use this range once a week.

How do I use the Energy and Brightness Shampoo and the Bi-Phase Vitality and Light Treatment?

Don’t be put off by the violet colour of these products, that’s what contributes to removing any yellow, brassy highlights from your hair.

With its formula containing active pigments, the Energy and Brightness Shampoo (tested and approved ) contributes to removing any yellow highlights from your hair. It penetrates to the heart of the hair fibre and brings out the shine in your hair. Its formula enriched in Vitamin E allows you to protect your locks against external damaging factors and free radicals (one of the causes of tissue ageing). Apply it to damp hair and gently massage it in. Then, leave it to take action for 2 to 3 minutes. Emulsify it with some warm water then rinse (it should squeak under your fingers). Our tip: finish off by rinsing in cold water, it allows you to close the cuticles and smooth out the fibre.

To avoid weighing down your hair, feel free to alternate this product with the Bi-Phase Vitality and Light Treatment. It detangles, hydrates and restores your hair’s vitality! You just need to mix the two phases and apply the product to dry or wrung out hair. No need to rinse!

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