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The 10 in 1 treatment from the Color Therapy range.
The 10 in 1 treatment from the Color Therapy range.
The 10 in 1 treatment from the Color Therapy range.
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A closer look at the 10 in 1 treatment for coloured hair


The Color Therapy range has been made even better with the addition of a new product: the 10 in 1 leave-in treatment. Both comprehensive and effective, this product has been designed to respond to all of your coloured hair's needs. We've taken a closer look.

Why a 10 in 1 treatment for coloured hair?

It is replacing the Ultimate Color Leave-In milk. The aim was to offer a highly comprehensive treatment which is quick and easy to use. As its name indicates, it concentrates ten benefits into one single application. Just like other products in the range, it was made using the Color Stay Complex: an exclusive Jean Louis David formula which fixes the colour to the hair fibre. Furthermore, it is enriched in argan butter, known for its hydrating, nourishing and protective properties. It is also made up of keratin: a protein which your hair loves , great for strengthening it long term.

Why use the 10 in 1 treatment from the Color Therapy range?

To maintain and enhance your dull or coloured hair. Once you've tried it, you'll most likely become addicted: it gives texture to your hair, making it both soft and shiny. Furthermore, it makes your hair more supple which facilitates both detangling and taming any rebellious strands. Also, it nourishes and deeply repairs the hair fibre . With its UV filter, it can also prevent your colour from changing, so your hair has a radiant shine for weeks. Finally, for those of you addicted to straightening: it guarantees long lasting blow dried effects, whilst protecting your hair from high temperatures given off by heating devices.

How can I use this treatment on coloured hair?

Apply it just after shampooing, directly onto wrung out hair or put it in the palms of your hands to apply the product using your fingers. The good news: this 10 in 1 treatment doesn't require rinsing! You can also go straight to blow drying or leave your hair to air dry.

Our advice. To maximise the effectiveness of your treatment, use it in conjunction with other products from the Color Therapy range. Wash your hair two to three times a week with Intense Color Shampoo. Once a week, use colour enhancers, a new Jean Louis David product for strengthened hair and even more intense highlights.

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