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  Take a look at this month's compilation of hair tweets
Take a look at this month's compilation of hair tweets
Take a look at this month's compilation of hair tweets

[Twitthair] A review of the latest hair-centric tweets


Styling problems, unusual discoveries, hair-larious stories and hair beliefs... We take a closer look at the hair issues taking the twittosphere by storm.

Politics connoiss-hair

#Hairdressing salon, dungeon... Unusual places in the National Assembly

Did you know? Between debates, French MPs can get their hair cut in Palais-Bourbon itself, in the Assembly's private salon. This makes us want to scrutinise the parliamentarians' hairstyles... Do you not have this little luxury in your workplace? Even so, simply take a look at our advice on choosing the right salon.

A big ponytail...

Ladies, how many cans of hairspray do you use to get a slick ponytail without any small tufts poking out?

Although hairspray is a big lifesaver when it comes to taming frizz to perfect your ponytail, do not use it in excess. It must be spritzed on sparingly to avoid that "stiff effect". To gently flatten your locks down, use a comb coated in hairspray to smooth down your hair and that's it. Stop that trigger-happy spraying.

The legendary chignon

#Moving and surprising, when Simone Veil took out her chignon in public

Some hairstyles are more than an updo - a real trademark look. That's the case with Simone Veil and her famous chignon, without which she never appeared in public. Except on 26 July 1986, on the set of a programme presented by Christophe Dechavanne. This women's rights icon took out her straight-laced bun on air, hairpin by hairpin, and showed off her loose locks only once. A legendary moment!

Salt & pepper power

#An enlightening 'respect white hair' campaign by @monachollet

Grey hair is more on-trend than ever, so if you want to stop colouring your hair, here is a persuasive set of arguments which could convince you to leave your hair natural and go for salt and pepper locks.

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