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Find out more about this special frizzy afro hair Twitter challenge
Find out more about this special frizzy afro hair Twitter challenge
Find out more about this special frizzy afro hair Twitter challenge

#BlackHairChallenge: the all-new Twitter trend


From a mere tweet to a challenge unifying all those with frizzy hair, we take a closer look at the #BlackHairChallenge which has taken the afro twittosphere by storm.

Where did the #BlackHairChallenge come from?

In the same vein as the nappy movement, a portmanteau of the words natural and happy, this new challenge has taken social networks by storm, celebrating the beauty of frizzy afro hair. Started by the Afro-feminist Melanin Mamis on Twitter, under the telltale hashtag, it aims to value afro hair whereas it has long been criticised or tamed to hide its nature. There is more than just a beauty matter behind this tweet, as it encourages people to embrace their black identity in all its forms via a militant post.

The challenge which showcases afro hair

Very quickly, women started to take part in the "black hair challenge" which consists of sharing a collage of 4 selfies, each presenting a different hairstyle and inviting their followers to do the same. The aim? To show the multitude of hair styling options specifically available for frizzy locks. From tight or unruly curls to wild frizz, perfectly sleek locks and African braids : every hairstyle has its place in the #BlackHairChallenge and people are embracing all types of afro hair, sharing and spreading the word from Twitter to Instagram.

Don't worry, be nappy!

Say goodbye to taming frizz at all costs , this tweet is an ode to all kinds of braids, frizzy curls and afro hairstyles in all their forms.

Passionately frizzy

4 photos is not enough, 100 haircuts in a year


Some people even put the #BlackHairChallenge to the test by suggesting even more photos to show off their vast hairstyle repertoire.

The man challenge

Men have also been won over by this concept which allows them to showcase their changing hairstyle.

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