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Ultra-smooth lengths
Ultra-smooth lengths

Ultra-smooth lengths, JLD's must-have of the season!

This season, ultra-smooth lengths are seriously trendy, we've seen them on the runways and they are at the heart of the Autumn/Winter 2021 "Take me to New York" collection by Jean Louis David. You want to know more about this trend and discover how to adopt it? Follow the guide!

Ultra-smooth lengths, the star trend of the Fall/Winter season

On medium to long hair, this season is all about ultra-smooth styles. Spotted on many catwalks, the ultra-smooth look can be seen on long bobs as well as on endless hair, with a 70's style center parting or side parting for a perfect one-sided look.

How to get ultra-smooth lengths?

Ready to embrace the ultra-smooth trend? Then start by using a straightener and Jean Louis David's Brush Cream Go Style. Thanks to its formula enriched with moisturizing agents, the Brush Cream protects hair from dehydration caused by the heat of the blow dryer and straightener and makes styling so much simpler!

Which ultra-smooth hairstyles should you adopt?

For Jean Louis David, the ultra-smooth look takes the form of a glam rock side-hair. To achieve it, simply draw a clean parting on the side and bring the lowest side back behind the ear. Secure with bobby pins (why not a jewelry clip) and a little hairspray, then apply a bit of Nutri Serum to all your lengths for a perfectly smooth and controlled look. Another star of the new Fall/Winter collection is slicked back hair, which also requires beautifully smooth and perfectly fixed lengths thanks to Jean Louis David Urban Style's Fix Ultime Go Style spray.

So are you ready to fall for the ultra-smooth JLD trend?


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