Twitthair: Hair... A hot tweeting topic

Popular or disliked, praised or criticised, hair is at the heart of many discussions on Twitter. Here’s an overview of some tweets, from the kindest to the cruellest, all talking about this hot topic.

A declaration of love for locks

I love guys who like stroking my hair

Zoemrr has said it over and over again, she loves it when people stroke her hair. An affectionate sort, she posts her funny tweets to some 42.9k followers.

A touch of humour

His haircut looks like the speed boost symbol from Mario Kart! LOL

Although Gomina says that he is serious from time to time, he often has a critical eye and harsh words to say, but he is really funny and has a way with words!

The hair that broke the camel’s back!

#ILoseItWhen: I’ve spent an hour straightening my hair and as soon as I step outside it starts raining…

Yes, at one time or another every girl who straightens her hair has been there… On the brink of a nervous breakdown!


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