Tie-dye: which colouring technique for 2016?

A few seasons ago, tie-dye was THE on trend hair colouring technique. Perhaps you succumbed to this phenomenon at the time. Today, what has happened to this technique? Is it still a current trend? Let us tell you everything you need to know.

What does the tie-dye consist of?

It’s a colouring technique which is both temporary and partial. Just the mid lengths and the tips are lightened in order to create a colour gradation. Depending on each person’s individual preference, the tie-dye can be either discreet or pronounced. In fact, you can choose the same tones as your initial colour, going from brown to blonde.

The reasons behind its success? The tie-dye is a lightening technique. It instantly illuminates your hair. It also allows you to obtain a colour which is full of different tones. Finally, it enhances layered haircuts in particular, emphasising the movement.

Is it on trend in 2016?

The answer is no! Whether it be on the catwalks during recent Fashion Weeks, on the red carpet or on the high street…The tie-dye technique is now rare. This technique is renowned for having its peak 3-4 years ago, when it was even available on clothing. Over the seasons, it has been gradually replaced by other techniques offering new effects.

Which hair colouring technique(s) should I opt for?

Go for Alternative Light, which is the flagship technique of the Jean Louis David Autumn-Winter 2015/2016 collection. This consists of playing with light and shade on your hair with relatively clean demarcations. Furthermore, the face is always framed by two lighter strands. This colouring technique adds maximum character to your cut, emphasising the slightest of details.


Have you also considered the Contrast treatment? This Jean Louis David version of highlights is a classic colouring technique which remains timeless. It partially lightens your hair with luminous highlights. The obtained effect is always natural. It is perfect for placing emphasis on movement or a fringe, giving relief to your hair or adding an immediate sun-kissed effect.

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