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The headscarf VS the baseball cap
The headscarf VS the baseball cap
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The headscarf VS the baseball cap

Each new season brings with it a bunch of new hair accessories. This season, both the headscarf and the cap are going to be top of the style stakes. Haven’t really given either much thought before? Well, get thinking, as these two accessories are big news this season!
The headscarf. You might traditionally associate headscarves with your grandma or Grace Kelly, meaning it’s unlikely you’ve ever been tempted to wear this hair accessory yourself. Yet, old-school 50s glamour and the nostalgia surrounding Hollywood starlets is putting this look back on the fashion map for 2014. The headscarf is a saviour in a sudden downpour to cover your loose hair. Today, the headscarf is fast becoming the perfect way to add a feminine, elegant touch to your look. Wear with supersized sunglasses to recreate a glamorous celebrity feel.
The baseball cap. On the flipside of the sophisticated headscarf is the baseball cap, which is usually worn by teenagers. But, don’t judge too quickly, as this season’s caps feature chic detailing meaning the majority of women can try this look out. Great for adding a sporty vibe to your outfit, the cap is super-cool and casual-chic combined. Simply choose one that fits you and your personal style. Opt for one in pastel tones and wear with loose hair for a spring-inspired look
Our verdict. Whereas the headscarf may be slightly more impractical and difficult to wear with your everyday wardrobe, the cap is quite the opposite. When tied beneath the chin, the headscarf can sometimes do little to flatter the wearer’s facial features. The cap can be toned down when combined with super-feminine outfits that will create a relaxed look. Practical and stylish, the baseball cap will protect you from both the rain and sun whilst keeping your hair in place all year long.
© Pixelformula /Max Mara prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 & John Galliano prêt-à-porte show, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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