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Show off blond hair which is in perfect health.
Show off blond hair which is in perfect health.
Show off blond hair which is in perfect health.
Hair colouring

Streetstyle: fall in love with Californian blond highlights!


With her blond and luminous hair, our Streetstyle model gives the impression of having spent the year on the beaches of California. She has an on-trend and elegant clothing style which the editing team are crazy about. Feel free to get inspired by her style! We take a closer look.

Luminous and golden blond

Our Streetstyle model knows how to perfectly enhance her mid-length thick hair. She has opted for a mid-length cut with soft waves, maximising its volume. Our Streetstyle model has also given considerable importance to her hair colour in order to create depth. She has gone for a Contrast treatment, a partial colouring technique , which has lightened her hair with golden blond highlights.

A simple and feminine clothing style

Our Streetstyle model has an urban look. She has combined her 7/8 jeans with a printed blouse and sneakers which have been an essential item for several seasons. On top of that, she has opted for a navy blue pea jacket and a black scarf. Even in spring, no one can escape the return of cold weather. Her simple outfit is sophisticated and very easy to wear in all situations!

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