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Runway to reality: the wig
Runway to reality: the wig
Styles and trends

Runway to reality: the wig

The wig was spotted at several different runway shows and seems to be the next big thing for spring-summer 2014. But, is the wig really going to make the jump from the runway to the high street? Will you be wearing a wig this summer? Let’s find out.
It’s a fact…if an accessory is spotted on at least 5 different catwalks, it’s more than likely to be a hot new trend pretty soon. But, does this apply to the wig? We’re not so sure. From PFW to the fashion weeks in New York and Milan, models were seen wearing short, cropped wig styles. The styles were chin-length with an extremely short choppy fringe; something that isn’t so easy to wear on a day-to-day basis. Apart from the cut of the wigs, the hair color itself was unusual also. Streaky highlights and peroxide blonde aren’t the easiest of shades to pull off!
The idea of wearing a wig from time to time can be quite a novel idea, and why not! But the styles shown on the runway recently are a long way from being wearable. You could, for example, wear a wig similar to those seen on the Chanel and Marc Jacobs runways for a themed party, but not for a normal working day. Still tempted to try out one of these unusual wig styles? Then opt for a more subtle wig that will work for any occasion. Choose a style and color that is totally different from your natural color and style to mix things up and turn heads. This will ensure you have a completely new look without pushing the fashion boundaries too far.
© Pixelformula /Chanel and Marc Jacobs prêt-à-porter runways, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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