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Runway to reality: the quilted braid
Runway to reality: the quilted braid
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Runway to reality: the quilted braid

Long gone are the days where a simple braid was enough to get you noticed out and about. These days, it’s all about the fishtail braid, side plait or even quilted versions. The latter is created using a thick piece of cotton. An elastic is wrapped around the base of the ponytail, allowing the cotton braid to be incorporated into your plait. So, does this style make the jump from runway to reality? Let’s find out.
The quilted braid, spotted on the catwalks. Face-on, this hairstyle appears to be your everyday braid. Hair is brushed backwards and secured into a high ponytail with a peek of cotton emerging from its base. However, all you need for this style is your classic hair tie to secure both your hair and cotton into place. Once you’ve tied your lengths up, the cotton is then wrapped around its base and braided into your plait. To create the braid, the cotton material should act as your third strand when plaiting.
How to wear day-to-day. We love the idea of incorporating something a bit different into our styles. However, this thick strand of cotton isn’t the most feminine of fabrics. Instead, opt for a satin ribbon or a finer piece of coloured cotton, different to those sent down the Xiao Li runway (pictured). Remember that you don’t have to stick to your classic braid…why not try this technique with a fishtail braid to vary the effect? Otherwise, we’re a big fan of this high-up braid, which creates a sophisticated edge.
Get the runway look. Of course, for this look, you’ll need long lengths to get braiding. In fact, your plait should reach at least shoulder length, as a few centimetres of plaiting will not do this look any justice. Once you’ve decided which braid you’re going to create, match your textile choice with your outfit for a coordinated ensemble.
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