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Men: what hairstyles for men with sticking out ears?
Men: what hairstyles for men with sticking out ears?

Men: what hairstyles for men with sticking out ears?

Sticking out ears are sometimes difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Especially for men with short hair who cannot cover them up. So what are the options for men with sticking out ears? Answers from our experts.
Men who have ears that stick out can wear any type of headgear. This depends on the desire to hide the ears or not . "Yes, men with sticking out ears can have very short hair! This is the case for most rugbymen. Protruding ears and short hair are not inseparable."
Few men have a well drawn ear contour, they prefer to avoid the "out of the hairdresser" look. "When the ears are well contoured and the cut well structured, it gives too strict of an effect. Men, for the most part, prefer to keep the hair around the ears as to not over emphasize them."
Those whose ears particularly stick out can opt for a mid-length cut. "This is the only cut that can really hide your protruding ears. Make sure you let your hair grow so that it covers your ears. When you opt for a mid-length cut, remember to leave lengths on the back of the hair. This length at the rear allows to compensate for the effect of the sticking out ears.
Our tip: The beard can also distract from your ears. The trending beard this season is the rather long grizzly beard. 
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