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Find out which hair regime to adopt when pregnant.
Find out which hair regime to adopt when pregnant.
Find out which hair regime to adopt when pregnant.

Keeping your hair looking beautiful during pregnancy


Generally, pregnant women tend to have hair which looks glossier, thicker and full of health. However, the release of hormones, in particular oestrogen, can weaken the hair shaft and cause hair loss. To prevent these problems from occurring, here are a few tips on how you can keep your hair healthy throughout the whole nine months.

The benefits of plant oils

It is pointless changing your shampoo, conditioner or hair mask unless your scalp is irritated by the products during your pregnancy. However, the use of plant oils is highly recommended for boosting your hair's shine. Notably castor and coconut oil. The first can help prevent hair loss and promote regrowth. The second can help keep your hair looking shiny. Less well-known, broccoli oil is great for smoothing, coating the tips and can help prevent split ends from appearing. To use these oils, either separately or together (by mixing three to four drops of each together), apply them once a week like a standard mask and let them work for an hour before washing your hair.

Expert advice: Do a final rinse in cold water. This stimulates blood flow to the scalp, helping to boost shine, strengthen the roots and promote regrowth.

Hair colouring

Some pregnant women are hesitant before colouring their hair. Even though colouring products may not pose a risk for the baby, you should consider the potential reactions that they may provoke on the part of your hair. The release of hormones can prevent colour pigments from fixing properly to the hair fibre. The result: the colour does not hold well and the resulting shade is noticeably different to that expected. Also, any radical changes in hair colour are not advisable as you will most likely have to bleach your hair: a harsh and damaging technique for your locks. Especially when the risk of having an allergic reaction is heightened during pregnancy. During these nine months, opt for tone-on-tone hair colouring techniques or even subtle highlights instead.

Expert advice: Make sure you tell your hairdresser that you are pregnant before you ask for a hair colouring treatment. They may even be able to get around any potential issues by adapting the amount of product used during the colouring process.

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