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Keep your hair colour looking beautiful by using targeted treatments at home.
Keep your hair colour looking beautiful by using targeted treatments at home.
Keep your hair colour looking beautiful by using targeted treatments at home.
Hair colouring

How to restore my coloured hair's radiant shine at home?


Have you just fallen in love with a new hair colour? If the answer is yes, from now on you should preserve its radiant shine on a daily basis. Our expert gives you their advice for adopting a targeted hair regime.

How can I obtain a luminous colour, whilst keeping my hair in good health?

"If you wish to add radiant shine, the colour enhancers are perfect for you! These treatments have got everything going for them: they enhance colour pigments and give immediate shine to your hair. All whilst deeply hydrating the hair fibre. Above all, choose an enhancer which corresponds to your hair colour to get the desired result. If you have a light base colour, go for the golden enhancer. If you have a medium base colour, opt for the copper version. Finally, go for the chocolate enhancer if you're a brunette."

"Note: colour enhancers are not hair colouring products!"

Luis Faria

"Apply colour enhancers to damp, wrung out hair every other time you shampoo your hair. Spread it out evenly all over (using your hands or a comb). Don't worry, you don't need protective gloves to apply this hassle-free treatment. However, as the product does contain some colour pigments: you should wash your hands once you have finished. Let the product sink in for 5 minutes, before thoroughly rinsing in clean water."

Is it possible to touch up your colour by yourself?

"No, this is highly inadvisable. Even if you just wish to cover your roots, don't do it by yourself at home. If you wish to be sure to get a personalised, professional and long-lasting result, always trust in your hairdresser! Whilst waiting in between appointments, your hairdresser could just touch up the hairline at a reduced price. That way, when you tie up your hair, you will give the impression of not having any obvious root demarcations."

What are the mistakes to avoid with coloured hair?

"Avoid harsh treatments. Short term, these will remove pigments from your colour. There are products specifically formulated for coloured hair, such as the Intense Color Shampoo from the Color Therapy range . If you are faced with other problems (dry, greasy, damaged hair...), you can alternate this product with another treatment. Finally, the more you wash your hair, the more your colour will fade. Space out how often you shampoo your hair, once every 2 to 3 days at most ."

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