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On Instagram, sometimes posts can be hair-lariously outrageous!
On Instagram, sometimes posts can be hair-lariously outrageous!

Buzzhair: #HairSmile, the new selfie trend

From a haircut mishap that went viral, a new-age furry bearded hipster to an incredible new hairstyle... We take a closer look at the latest hair-related gems that have created a buzz on Instagram!

Who hasn't wanted to try out a fringe [fringe or not, 3 pieces of advice before you get one] for a new look? An amazing idea in theory, but Instagram influencer @EnvyDeladyd, a.k.a Dalia Ndombe, had a bitter experience. Armed with a comb and clippers, supposedly to help her cut a blunt fringe, the young lady decided to style her front section all by herself and share the transformation video online. A beauty tutorial which went viral on Instagram, YouTube (with 1 million views) and Facebook (with over 60 million views on her page)...all because of a fringe gone wrong, which, of course, made internet users laugh worldwide, but also gave her online fame!


#hairsmile # #gyaru #selfie #selca #gaijingyaru #gal

Une publication partage par Samantha (@garbocchii) le

Fed up of the duckface and its forced pout or the 'Bambi pose' (kneeling down for selfies)? Here is a whole new hair attitude to adopt to give your selfies a new look: the hair smile. The principle? To lean your head forwards and let your hair tumble down, bringing it to the forefront of your selfie, whilst making a V sign with your fingers to smile at the camera. A quirky idea...straight from Japan, which has started to become all the rage in France. More than ever, having beautiful hair is a priority!

A hairstyle for Barbie®

Hair extensions, coloured locks and updos, each one more on trend than the last, Brazilian hairstylist Rafinha Silva has mastered the art of hair make-overs [a new hair cut for a fresh start, what changing your hair says about you] to perfection...on Barbie® dolls! An incredibly original idea owing to her extraordinary skill of creating complex hairstyles in miniature. Her work is all compiled on her Instagram account 'We Love The Royal Dolls': hairstyles that were once a childhood dream now turned into a real job.

Purrfectly groomed!

First the bearded lady, now Gary, the bearded cat who has become an online star! Thanks to his fur mottled with black, giving the amusing impression he has a beard just under his nose, this cat has become an internet sensation. Curious fans eagerly await new photos of this adorable hipster feline: proof being, his Instagram account has 336,000 followers. Enough to fill any bearded trendsetter with envy!

A new hairstyle in the pipeline

Hair alert! A new hairstyle has appeared on the heads of IT-girls during the famous Coachella Festival 2018. Fans of braids will be filled with joy as this innovative hairstyle is a new style of braid that has never been seen before! Worn as a single plait or as boxer braids, this hairstyle is already being shared all over Instagram under the hashtag #pipebraid as this original new age plait looks like a tube, or a pipe. This hairstyle is created using a braiding technique which is more complicated than it seems...Some social media influencers have already risen to the challenge, so, are you ready to give it a go?


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