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The latest off-the-wall hair stories going around on social media
The latest off-the-wall hair stories going around on social media

Buzzhair: would you set your hair on fire?

An ultra-sexy hair challenge, daring bearded guys giving their facial hair a new look and much more! Here is a review of the most surprising hair-related posts on Instagram right now.

Sexiness in the (h)air

The latest fad amongst long-haired Instagrammers? The "bun drop", a sexy hair trend which has taken the web by storm. The challenge? To film your back whilst undoing your chignon to watch it drop down in slow motion. To do this, you must be sure to gently shake your head to make your locks wave. An alluring move made by thousands of women and shared in a few seconds of video under the hashtag #bundrop. So, are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Hair identity crisis

I spent 7 years applying a thick white ointment to my curls to straighten them only to cut it all off at the fragile age of 11. From there, I embarked on a beautiful journey of love for my hair. I invested hours into perfecting my curls aspiring to grab the attention of everyone with my appearance before my presence. I bleached away at my curls to resemble a sunflower without recognising I was slowly bleaching away at my soul. My relationship with my hair became less about self love and more about validation. I couldn't go out without my big hair, all my pictures had to have hair covering my face and ultimately, I became my hair. I became validated through likes and my confidence stemmed through the opinions of people. People who I hadn't met before. This is a thank you to my curls for allowing me to become the woman who I am today. For teaching me that beauty is not from the exterior. For opening an entirely new path for me to be able to be 20 years old and live my dreams effortlessly. But what I've learnt from this journey is, I am not my hair. I am a young, divine and intelligent woman who has a journey ahead of her with love, light and strength. I'll be taking you on this journey with @Aerie. I am Nia. #NiaTheLight #DiscoverYourLight #AerieReal

Une publication partage par Ni The Light (@niathelight) le

Now a surprise for the 434,000-strong following of Nia Pettitt, an Instagram influencer known for promoting acceptance of natural afro hair with her big curly head of hair. This young lady, who made her hair her trademark, recently put up a deeply moving post explaining how she had become a prisoner of this image and her afro hairstyle. Having decided to chop it all off for an ultra-short style, Nia made sure to say goodbye to her curls in a dignified way by explaining her decision to her followers in a post which has already got at least 73,023 likes!

Setting fire to split ends

Brought back into fashion by Brazilian models such as Alessandra Ambrosio, this controversial ancestral method for getting rid of split ends without cutting them off has sparked things off amongst sceptical Internet users! This surprising (and terrifying) technique, known as Velaterapia, consists of taking a fine section of hair, wrapping it around itself like a dreadlock and then coating it in a treatment before holding it over a candle flame to burn any protruding split ends. To avoid getting an unpleasant surprise, enlist a pro for your beloved locks instead. By freshening up your locks and applying targeted treatments, your hairstylist will be able to get your hair back in tip-top condition in no time!

Glitter fever

Who said glitter was just for women? Not Brian DeLaurenti and Johnathan Dahl, that's for sure. This bearded duo, who are best mates, decided to compete with glitter roots and other sparkly locks by adopting the trend in their own way, as men: having fun decorating their beards with coloured glitter. Now they can switch their green-eyed monsters for green glitter!

Wavy brows

You cannot beat 'back from the beach' waves for getting that dream look. However, this new favourite trend amongst beauty addicts is making serious waves on Instagram, but not everyone is convinced. Why? First locks were being waved in a sexy way, now eyebrows! This trend is taking social networks by storm with umpteen photos of women showing off their wavy brows, all competing to create the best wavelets. A top tip on creating this look? Use some styling gel to create the perfect wavy look in your brows. So, would you dare to try it?


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