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Why use the Style Bar?
Why use the Style Bar?

5 situations when the Style Bar will save your life!

The Style Bar is an exclusive service which allows you to get an on trend and sophisticated hairstyle in the salon. All in 15 minutes and for just 15 euros. Take a closer look at 5 common everyday situations where going to the Jean Louis David salon will immediately resolve your minor hair issues!

You have an evening do after work

It's 7pm and you're still at the office... Luckily, you've got your outfit covered: a little black dress and leather ankle boots. But as for your hairstyle, it's kind of a catastrophe... Don't panic, go straight to the nearest Jean Louis David salon for an express hairstyle! When you get there, feel free to choose one of the hairstyles from the Spring-Summer 2016 collection . These plaited tied-up hairstyles will keep your hair in place until dawn, giving you an original, sophisticated rock look.

You have an important job interview

Being well styled for an interview is essential for giving a good impression to your potential employer. Do you find it hard to style your hair or do you quite simply want to stand out? The Style Bar is there to help you! Speed Brush, Speed Curl or the Speed Up-Do: you'll find just what you're looking for, whether you prefer tied-up hairstyles or wearing your hair down.

The rain has ruined your blow-dried style

Before leaving the house you took the time to straighten your rebellious hair, strand by strand. But the driving rain caught you by surprise and ruined your impeccable blow-dried style. During your lunch break, hurry to the Style Bar to fix the damage! Your hairdresser will flawlessly straighten your hair in a quick and professional way. They will also give you their advice on how to keep your blow-dried style looking beautiful, even in the rain .

You are a maid of honour or a bridesmaid at your best friend's wedding

Weddings are the perfect occasion to look your best. Are you still looking for a perfect chignon for the big day? The Style Bar is at your disposal for elegant, original and sophisticated styles, such as the braided chignon bun, which will definitely look great on you. The Style Bar will take a weight off your shoulders and your hairstyle is bound to cause a sensation!

You have a first date with your crush

For this first meeting where nothing should be left to chance, trust in the Style Bar stylists! You are bound to find the ideal hairstyle for your date . Preferably wear your hair down, whether it be poker straight, curly or enhanced with a wavy effect. Alternatively, let yourself be tempted by an on trend tied-up style, such as sleek braids, a high ponytail or an XXL chignon. Just what you need to increase the chances that your (potential) future boyfriend will succumb to your charm.


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