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Twitter users tell us the latest hair news
Twitter users tell us the latest hair news
Twitter users tell us the latest hair news

[Twitthair] This month's hair news


Tips for easy styling this summer, hilarious haircuts and an ode to our favourite hairdressers... It's our review of the best hair tweets of the month!

Holiday hair

The sea air, salty wavy locks, waves, shells, palm trees, fish and a surfboard, what could be better?

To give your hair summer style, you can't beat pretty on-trend waves. To create them in no time at all, opt for Jean Louis David's Beach Spray. This formulation with concentrated salt water creates a messy just-left-the-beach wavy effect in a few spritzes.

Mini (de)braid

My new jeans (and my tiny pointless braid)

It's not always easy to style your hair when you have said goodbye to your XXL locks... If like Angélique you have trouble doing braids on short hair, here are 3 braid ideas that are in fact perfect for short to mid-length hair !

Good question!

Whaaah I have a question!!! Not that important or interesting.

Should I re-do my hair colour before I go on holiday?

When the holidays are approaching, do you wonder whether you should go to the salon to have your hair coloured? It is possible to get your hair coloured just before you leave . However, here are two pieces of advice to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Firstly, have a salon treatment for made-to-measure application. Secondly, use haircare products formulated for coloured hair, to protect your locks from the effects of the sun, chlorine and/or salt water.

Hair-raising humour!

-For this summer I want a 2-in-1 hairstyle

-Say no more, I've got just what you need.

Want to combine a hairstyle and a hair accessory in one haircut? That's the idea that two Twitter users came up with. Cue this baseball cap / frizzy hair combo. Not sure many guys would go for it, but anyway, it's good for a laugh!

Hair gratitude

I can't live without Brazilian straightening any more - a big Thank You to the inventor of this wonder

Are you hooked on this keratin treatment too? It certainly gives you straight smooth locks with a long-lasting effect. If you love it as much as this Twitter user, don't forget to take care of it after leaving the salon and make sure you keep your Brazilian-straightened hair looking good in the summer holidays.

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