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Hair is at the heart of everyone's tweets
Hair is at the heart of everyone's tweets

[Twitthair] The compilation of hair-centric tweets

Whether it be blunders or success stories, the twittosphere lets us get all our hair-related issues out of our hair! As everyone has their own hair-related anecdote, here is a review of the best hair tweets of the month!

Making waves in the Twittosphere

At the grand old age of 32 our heroine has finally learned how to get wavy hair using straighteners. Tune in tomorrow for more adventures.

It is never too late to learn how to get beautiful waves in your locks! If like @Piiiiitch you haven't quite yet mastered the technique, find out how to obtain a wavy effect with straighteners or apply Jean Louis David's salt water Beach Spray for an incredible summer look in just a few minutes!

Rock chick: to be or not to be?

I often wonder what makes hair salons decide to give their haircuts names like "classic" and "rock". Are they musical haircuts?

Do you find it hard to understand your hairdresser's terminology? Don't panic! A classic haircut is timeless and versatile, whereas a rock chick style is about unruly strands, the de-styled look and a women's version of the James Dean quiff. To give you an idea, take a look at Jean Louis David's Rock your Summer haircut collection. You are free to make beautiful music with whichever one you like. Has that cleared things up?

Within a hair's breadth of the truth

Yes, I know. Bleach your hair 2-3 times and then colour it purple to get rid of any yellowing and end up with greyish white locks.

Listen up Mr. Beardy - shades of colour are important, especially when colouring your hair. After several bleaching sessions, whatever you do - do not colour your hair purple. Instead, opt for pigmented treatments which will get rid of brassiness and enhance your white/grey coloured locks. Otherwise, you'll just end up with purple hair!

The epic fail!

I slept with my wet hair in a chignon, now it's an epic disaster!

Bad idea @Ju5ju05! Your locks are more fragile when they are wet. Next time, go to sleep with dry hair, or at least braid it to stop it from getting tangled instead of twisting it into a chignon.


Laetitia Colombani is well on the way to having the next big best-seller with... The Braid

When a twist of fate makes three women's lives intertwine like the strands of a braid, you get Laetitia Colombani's first novel. It is as enjoyable as said hairstyle at the beginning of summer. Have you read La tresse, this season's hair-themed book?


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