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This month's hair-centric tweets
This month's hair-centric tweets

[Twitthair] Hair news from the Twittosphere

Clever accessories, hair colouring trends, must-have treatments, consumer testimonials and hair-larious remarks: all coming up in this overview of the month's best hair-related tweets!

Shopping list

A pillow that smooths your hair? Yes please!

A closer look at this month's great hair find: the pillowcase with extra benefits. Say goodbye to frizz and bedhead hair, because now you can have beautiful curls or perfectly neat hair as soon as you get out of bed! Thanks to its copper-infused fabric, the pillowcase helps to smooth the hair fibre and reinvigorate your locks as you sleep, leaving them looking great. Are you tempted to try it?

Summer hair

I can't wait for the sun to bleach my hair

Like Léa, do you dream of having a few golden strands highlighted by the sun, but are you too impatient to wait for summer? Visit a Jean Louis David salon to find the ideal highlighting treatment with a tailor-made look. The range consists of the Contrast treatment for fair hair, the Sunlight for brunettes or the new Soft Light treatment specifically designed for long locks. Which one will you go for?

Elections in the haircare aisle

#I vote for an international dry shampoo day, it DESERVES it

In this election period, some of you have already chosen a winner. For @Lexie0707, it is dry shampoo! And we approve: it comes to your rescue on bad hair days, and can be your aid always at hand when you need to conceal greasy roots or rescue locks in distress before a last-minute date or meeting when you don't have time to wash your hair. Which treatment has your vote?

Hair: it's showtime!

A new spin-off of the TV show #Quotidien is coming on Friday 2nd June at 23:15 on @TF1. This time the theme will be hair styling.

We usually advise you to detangle your locks before washing and conditioning or using a hair mask suited to your hair type. In addition, we also suggest that you watch Yann Barthès' hair-centric TV programme.

Hairdressers take note!

The tip I give my hairdresser is commensurate with the massage she gives me when shampooing my hair. #HeadMassage #SoGood

Salons rely on haircuts and colouring to make their name. But if there is one moment we all love at the hairdresser's, it is when they shampoo your hair. You cannot beat expert hands for giving you the perfect scalp massage!


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