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Mid-length hair

SectionMid-length hair

Your mid-length locks mean you can style your hair into several different on-trend looks. Create a wavy effect or straighten with your straightening iron to mix up your style. This cut, also known as the "lob" (or long bob) works with all different effects such as sophisticated, bohemian or sleek, depending on the season's trends and hottest looks. This mid-length cut is also suited to most hair types.

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Haircuts: choosing the right length  to suit your hair type
Mid-length hair
Haircuts: choosing the right length to suit your hair type

Straight or curly, thick or fine, every hair type has an ideal haircut. Find yours by learning how to match your hair length to your hair type. Straight fine hair: create depth Are you wondering which haircut would suit your hair type? With fine straight hair the main aim is to get as much volume as possible. To achieve this, opt for a short...

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